Special Program: New Life

Learning about new life and the cycle of life is a fascinating thing one that the preschool children have been finding out about recently with amazing interest.

One of our preschool teachers is about to have her first baby, so of course there has been a lot of interest in that ever since she told us her happy news. But it didn’t just stop there, we were amazed to see how the children wanted to know all about this wonderful thing called ‘new life’ asking many questions including ones about their life and wondering what other forms of it they could see around them.

By bringing in pictures of when they were a baby the children were able to get a better understanding of how life starts and grows and how they are now. Seeing the buds start to appear outside was another big discovery, the children loved finding out which plants were starting to grow and we helped them understand why it has taken so long for the buds to appear after a long Winter.

Every year we incubate and hatch some classroom chicks and this year it fits in perfectly with our ‘new life’ project, the children love helping to keep our 24 eggs safe, warm, and cared for and are very excited to see just how many chicks hatch and what colours they will be when they do.

Our classroom bunnies also added to the project when one suddenly had two little babies, sadly the babies didn’t survive but all the teachers were amazed at how well the children handled the loss and how they realized that it was just a natural part of life.

Now they are all having fun caring for their own little new life seeds of beans and pumpkins which they planted. It all helps them to get a better understanding that we are all different and that each and every life no matter how small or in what form is one to be treasured.