HiMama Parent App

Following a successful three-month trial, we have decided to keep and fully implement the HiMama Parent app.

It has always been our commitment to the children that we will devote as much time to their learning, and experiences as possible, sometimes with the required amount of paperwork we have to produce it puts that commitment into an uneasy balance; added to which we also come to question the amount of paper and ink that we use.

Now with the help of this program, it will allow us to streamline attendance and daily records, cut down on what we use and give parents the chance to see for themselves the daily activities that the children are participating in. It also allows each parent to add their own cell number to their child’s profile to receive storm alerts and closure messages.

The program is designed to complement face-to-face communication but will never be used to replace our daily interactions with our parents or indeed the children’s portfolios we produce.

If you have questions or want to contact us, you can email us or visit our contact page.

For more information visit Hi Mama here.

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The App can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet and each parent will receive their own email with personal access code details.

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