Bring Back the Bees

Veseys seeds and Honey Nut Cheerios have come together to launch a new campaign ‘bring back the bees’ and give over 100 million seeds to Canadians to help promote a Bee friendly world.

We decided that we wanted to be part of this and we cannot tell you how excited we are about how well we all did – thanks to all our parents, children, and staff!!

We picked this fundraiser because the children loved planting and taking care of their bee garden last year. We also felt it was important to get more flowers planted in our area to help support the bees.

Starting on March 31st, the children all took home catalogues and order forms to start the fundraising, what an amazing success it was. We had over 100 customers and sold over 250 units (55 of those units had over 800 seeds in them) that’s a lot of flowers – and a lot of pollen for the Bees!

We made over $3,500 in sales, with 50% coming back to Fox Hollow for us to spend on new equipment to enhance our programs for all our children.

This result is just overwhelming and we cannot thank our teachers, children, and their families enough for all their support.

Our intent is to buy items to enhance the current playground, safety items to make our exploration off-site safer, and to allow us to bring some additional environmental science resources into the classroom.

It is with help and supports like this and that of Veseys seeds and Honey Nut Cheerios that our bees have a chance. Thank you!

Learn More about the Campaign

You can also do your bit to help the Bees in your own garden by joining in with the campaign, downloading the catalog and emailing it to anyone to show them the items that they can order so they can help too. For full information and to see just how you can help visit