Provider Info-FHA

Each and every one of our care providers knows that they have the help and support of the Fox Hollow Family Home Agency, we pride ourselves on bringing our parents and children the very best in early childhood education and care.

We are licensed by the Nova Scotia Department of Education to assist care providers who want to set-up a child care business in their own home. We provide training, start-up information, resources and support, professional development programs, lending libraries and much more – all done at no cost to a care provider.
Some of our main objectives are:

  • To increase communication between caregivers and to reduce isolation

  • To put in place training, support and information services bother caregivers and parents alike.

  • To increase public awareness of family day care

  • To act on behalf of a caregiver and to represent their interests and concerns

  • To assist caregivers in establishing caregiver groups

Some of the way we help and assist our Care Providers:

  • Support

    We are there at every step of the way, from starting up a Child Care Business to regular monthly support visits helping with parent and child communication, matching families to the programs offered and also helping with advertising.

  • Reducing isolation

    As part of the Family Home Agency no Care Provider is ever alone, monthly visits by an agency consultant to each provider are just part of what we offer as well as our focus groups and events for children days – all run by our Family Home Consultant.

  • Family mediation

    We help Care Providers manage situations and concerns, acting on their behalf as well as with them and helping to ensure that providers, parents and children are all taken care of.

  • Liabilities training

    Making sure that any Care Provider is set-up in the right way from the start is imperative, we offer training to ensure that all providers are covered from any incidents or situations that may occur.

  • Lending Library

    Setting up a Child Care Business is expensive and can sometimes be prohibitive, that’s why the Family Home Agency has set-up the Providers lending library, an extensive library of equipment to get providers set-up and help with actives on a daily basis – all free of charge to our providers.

  • Professional development

    All our Providers benefit from workshops and training throughout the city on a wide variety of topics and interests, helping not only to connect with our providers but also continue their own personal development. All training costs are covered by the Agency.