Programs of Discovery

Programs of Discovery

Young minds discovering for themselves

As children develop and grow they not only discover things on their own but they start to ask questions about what they are discovering and why – starting to want to know more about the world around them and why things are the way they are – Programs of Discovery. Every child will form their own Program of Discovery, wanting to know what is relevant to them.

Shadow Discovery

Noticing a shadow and watching how it moves when we move was a wonder for one of our pre-schoolers, he was fascinated by how it moved as he did and when his teacher did too. How he could jump and tag her shadow but not his own – why? His answer “Because it jumps when I do” understanding that it was connected to him and not an independent thing and that each of us have different shaped and sized shadows.

Colour and Form Discovery

Over the past year one of our pre-schoolers has been developing his own understanding of colour and form and how everything takes shape. By starting with drawing pictures with lots of detail and different colours but outlines only, then moving on to colouring books using many colours taking care and time to fill each piece in as he went, to finally drawing shapes and colouring them in carefully and completely this time.

Using a book ‘Eating the Alphabet’ for inspiration he told his teacher that he was drawing a lemon, tomato, apple and a banana, all signed off with his own name shows how his sense of colour and form has gone from simple outlines, through to colour, and finally to finding inspiration from other things around him to create his own picture but with a strong understanding of not only what he was drawing but also what he was looking at to start with.