Our Environment-CCC

Our environment

At Fox Hollow we strongly believe that any child has just as much ability to develop, grow and learn as any other child, all they need is encouragement, love, care, time and very importantly a nurturing environment to allow it to happen.

This is why we have created an environment both inside our centre and outside in our special play-area that allows the children to fully develop their own skills in learning through play and exploration.

Our class rooms are bright, airy and full of colour and we take pride in the fact that it feels like a safe home-like environment allowing children to feel comfortable and relaxed from the minute they enter.

Our outdoor play-area is a wonderful extension of our indoor space and expands on the belief that learning whilst playing is the only way to teach and educate young minds. Fresh air, safe areas to play in, structures that teach and expand a child’s mind are key to our area. Not many centres have such a wonderful outdoor space with so many different interactive things for children to do – they even grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Our enchanted forest

A magical place where children create their own imaginary enchanted world.